About us

ROUNN is an Indonesian leather goods brand founded by Ivan and Jessica in 2014. Driven by the trend and today’s demand, ROUNN stands out for its classy and unique design.
Rounn has been a favorite within fashion bloggers , celebrities and leading personalities. They played significant roles to establish Rounn into an international renowned brand. Our recent feature includes Louis Nicolas Darbon for Harrod’s Men Style Feature.
Rounn revolutionized fashion industry with exquisite leather and detailed personalization. Distancing itself from other brand, Rounn will try to satisfy the customer who looks for exclusivity and authenticity. Our bag is the exclusive companion for daily and formal occasion.



After finishing his major in architecture at Petra Christian University in Surabaya, Indonesia in 2006, He started his career as a junior architect in a developer office at Surabaya in 2011. And by his one year experience, he opened his own business in property in 2012 until now. Apart from being in the architecture world, he has long been interested in fashion retail with good quality, which finally got the idea to make his own brand so that people can experience buying fashion goods with good quality. In 2014 he invited Jessica to start this business. And having a position as a marketing director requires him to learn more about branding and marketing.

Creative Director

Her interest in the world of fashion has been  formed since she was a kid, a luxurious element and street fashion caught her eye. To realizing her passion, she studies fashion design at Raffles Design Institute in Sydney, Australia, and graduated in 2013. Until when Ivan asked Jessica to form ROUNN in 2014, which is an exciting project. “Fashion is for everybody and I want to make something affordable for everyone and yet still chic and lux at the same time”



Jovi Adhiguna, a renowned fashion and beauty influencer, embarked on his YouTube journey by teaming up with his sister, Sarah Ayu, to create compelling content as the Hunter Siblings. Through the Creators for Change program, they delved into educational content for millennials, transforming Jovi into a celebrated YouTuber.

Jovi didn't stop there. He ventured into the F&B sector, started his popular boba drink Street Boba and expanded his business to Korean street food Gildak. Jovi Adhiguna, a storyteller through fashion, content, and cuisine, shares his narrative, passion, and expertise, leaving an indelible mark on the realms he pursues.

Collaboration period : December 2023 - Present



Axton Salim is the third generation of Salim Group, a massive business that includes Indofood Sukses Makmur, Indomobil Group, and Indomaret. Its operations span the production of raw materials, food processing, and consumer products Outside of the group, Axton initiated the Block71 start-up incubator between Salim Group and the National University of Singapore. Aside from its headquarters in Jakarta, it now has offices in major Indonesian cities like Bandung and Jogjakarta to foster industry growth. He also served as global co-chair of the United Nation’s Scaling Up Nutrition Business Network Advisory Board and sits on the Advisory Board of Nanyang Business School at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Collaboration period : May 2023 – Present


Karla Jasmina dedicated her life in fashion industry since 2011. She established her first brand, Sposarika where she chosen to dressed Miss World 63rd edition held at Bali Nusa Dua.

In July 2016, Karla Jasmina started her own bridal and couture brand under her name called Karla Jasmina Brides. With her big passion to fashion industry she’s also been a fashion influencer for nearly 3 years now.

Despite of all her busy schedule as a fashion designer and also an influencer, Karla Jasmina also have a very big passion in travelling and outdoor activities. For her, travelling and outdoor activities are not only used to escape from her busy life but also it’s part of her hobby to keep a balance life.

Collaboration period : December 2019 – November 2023



Valencienis Gisela Malva Soewarno, also known as Malvava, is one of Indonesia’s biggest Makeup Artist name. With 3 other professional MUA in her #MalvavaTeam, she is an arguably strong force to reckon with in the industry.

Unknown to many, Malva started of as an aspiring model in Surabaya. After years of being exposed to the fashion & beauty industry, and with the guidance of her mentor, Eddy Rizaldy, she began her career as a Makeup Artist.

She recalled, ever since she started of as the newcomer in town, she always feel that there’s always more to learn every single day. She dreams to encourage and inspire younger artists to: keep learning, stay true to themselves, and always do it from the heart.

Malva’s life motto is rather simple: Always be thankful.

Collaboration period : December 2019 – November 2023


Michelle Quan is a highly respected makeup artist and a public figure. She is renowned for her flawless makeup and timeless fashion style.

In 2018, Michelle launched a makeup collaboration ‘perfect glow’ and it was a huge success. And the year after, she was appointed the Ambassador to Under Armour and she continues her role as Ambassador for 2020.

And now she became a cover girl for Prestige magazine. A cover girl to start a new decade. Her commitment to healthy living and anti-aging have inspired the mass and it is highly recognized publicly.

Michelle is an example of ‘anything is possible’ and she preaches ‘if you dare to dream, dare to work hard and pray hard. You will be able to reach any goals you have in life

Collaboration period : December 2019 – August 2023 



Nisya Saadia Ifat Ahmad, better known as Nisya is an Indonesian singer and actress. Nisya Ahmad’s name is already known throughout Indonesia started a career in the entertainment industry by becoming a singer, she became popular when she released the single titled Di Seluruh Dunia in 2015 In the same year, Nisya also showed her acting skills. He acted in a film called Move On (2015). Then in 2018, he appeared in the horror genre film, The Secret (2018). Nisya Ahmad has also successfully pioneered a fashion brand NisySynaz with her sister Syahnaz Sadiqah.

Collaboration period : April 2022 - May 2023


Nagita Slavina Mariana Tengker, widely known as Gigi, is an Indonesian actress, model, presenter, movie producer, and also a singer. Her career began in 2000 as an advertising model, then she penetrated into the movie industry as an actress. Gigi was once nominated for the best female lead in 2005 FFI.
Besides her acting capability, Gigi was also a co-executive producer at PT Frame Ritz, a production house for many TV series.

Gigi has won many awards , i.e. 2016 Seleb On News Awards: Seleb Most Wanted , 2015 Insert Award: Very Important Person of The Year, 2018 Cosmopolitan FM Awards : Inspiring Mom – Nagita Slavina as Entrepreneur Mom, etc.

Nagita Slavina’s fashion is always a conversation. Her great taste has placed her as one of Indonesia Fashion Icons.

Collaboration period : December 2020 – October 2022


Richard Kyle is making a name for himself in Indonesia. After many years of part time modelling while studying for his bachelors and masters degrees at RMIT in film production, Richard has returned to Indonesia where he grew up before attending Geelong Grammar School and is pursuing an acting career in films. So far six movies in supporting and lead roles, his latest movie has made it to the Top Ten in the 2017 Indonesia box office hits so far. A romantic comedy Benny Setiawan the movie called Insya Allah Sah is about the stresses and strains of a couple planning their forthcoming nuptials. Richard also finds time to represent various products as their ambassador including a renowned taxi service. Ricko as the Indonesian fans call him is also one of the hosts of an adventure travel show, which explores the archipelago of Indonesia. Richard has recently been involved in conservation work with Kalimantan Orangutans ‘BOSF’, he has joined a number of rehabilitated orangutan releases to Kalimantan’s protected forestland. He is also teamed up with TNC ‘The Nature Conservancy’ Indonesia and is committed to take part in helping to save endangered wildlife of Indonesia’s ecosystem and the threat of global warming.

Collaboration period : December 2018 – June 2019


Sandra Dewi is a well-known Indonesian model and actress. Her performances in movies and television dramas are widely praised, and recently she is also recognized as one of the most in-demand celebrity endorsers.

The star has been an ambassador for many popular brands and is known for her loyalty. Not surprising that her contributions often lead to success and improvements of those she represents. Moreover, she continues to be a role model for many as recently she has been appointed as the spokesperson of Walt Disney South East Asia.

From an artist, a model, a brand ambassador, she is now ready to fullfil her passion as a fashion designer. Sandra Dewi once again proves herself worthy to be an Indonesian sweetheart. Her desire is to inspire Indonesians to dare to dream and to stay positive along the journey.

Collaboration period : April 2017 – March 2018


Olivia Lazuardy is one of the most prominent digital fashion influencers based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She founded www.olivialazuardy.com in 2013, and shortly followed by the launching of her Youtube channel. The response was exquisite. Moreover, through her social medias, i.e. Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, and her very own website , she consistently informs the public about fashion inspirations, tips and tricks, travel journal, as well as personal styles.

Her dream is to empower and inspire people who browse into her website and channels – and encourage others to find their inner confidence and express their personalities through fashion and their personal stories.

Collaboration period : November 2016 – June 2019


Jakarta’s celebrity stylist Carend Delano was born on December 4, 1980. He started his career as a freelance personal shopper and stylist for his Jakarta clients in New York. Despite the challenges he met to fulfill his clients’ expectation, Carend enjoyed his job so much. Thus, he decided to go profesional

In 2015, Indonesia’s celebrity photographer Rio Motret asked him for a collaboration in Syahrini’s music video, “Seperti Itu?”. It has garnered almost 4 million views on YouTube since aired last year. Carend was also trusted to be the stylist for the famous couple Chelsea Olivia and Glenn Alinskie on their glamourous wedding day. Even Nagita Slavina and Raffi Ahmad entrusted Carend to style them for their first photo shoot by the prominent Indra Leonardi. Moreover, his great sense of fashion also brings him to be a fashion host for TV shows INSERT and PENSI on TransTV.

In 2016, Carend launched his first book together with his 4 other friends, Dave Hendrik, Rachel Octavia, Rosdyana Setyaningrum and Philips Kwok. The title of the book is “A Guide to be Better and Better”.

Collaboration period : February 2016 – February 2018